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Sterling Silver Diamond Necklace Accents Your Beauty
If you are looking for an astonishing looking necklace without the humongous costs of a traditional gold, or platinum diamond necklaces, the Sterling Silver diamond necklace should be your choice hands down. You can accent just about any outfit with this glamorous looking but in expensive precious metal.

If you have any concerns about selecting a Sterling Silver diamond necklace, you can wipe your fears away because this piece of fine jewelry can hold its own. Sterling silver is basically an alloy of silver (92.5% by weight) and other metals, such as copper.

Silver is so alloyed with other metals so as to lend it some rigidity because silver is one of the softest metals known to man. Silver jewelry is very delicate; hence an alloy of silver and copper is used to craft jewelry that is more durable.

Why is The Sterling Silver Diamond Necklace So Great?
Sterling silver is great because it retains the beauty, the shine and the ductility of silver, yet gives it the little extra rigidity that it needs to make it a bit more durable. Sterling silver was originally used to make large objects or cutlery. All sorts of knives, forks, spoons, teapots, kettles, pitchers, napkin rings and cups were made from sterling silver at the height of the silver craze in the 50-year period from 1870 to 1920. In fact, people even went a step further and had their paper clips, shoe horns, perfume bottles, hair clips, pens, mirrors, hair brushes etc. made from Sterling silver!

Pure Silver Versus Sterling Silver Jewelry
Sterling silver jewelry is equally as beautiful as its sister, pure silver jewelry, and it has two distinct advantages; it is much more durable and it less expensive than pure silver jewelry.

That means if a silver necklace studded with diamonds is out of your budget, yet you still want the same glamorous look and feel; a sterling silver diamond necklace is just what you’re looking for! The only caveat is as sterling silver gains popularity; you can best believe the prices are going start to inching up.

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In actuality, trendy sterling silver is always in vogue. The fashion runways on Milan, Paris, New York and every other major fashion destination in the world are now showcasing sterling silver jewelry every year. The metal’s versatility, durability, beauty, and last but definitely not the least, affordability, it is the hot new precious metal of the season.

Caring For Your Sterling Silver Diamond Necklace
You should be made aware that sterling silver jewelry is prone to tarnishing. This issue is corrected by simple routine cleanings, just as you would routinely clean any fine jewelry. The only difference is the type of cleaning products that you use.

Silver is not a very reactive metal; hence it does not tarnish quite easily, but as the purity of silver decreases, the chances of tarnishing increases. So regular cleaning is advisable. What are you waiting for? Check out the vast selection of sterling silver diamond necklaces!

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