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Black Diamond Necklace For The Woman Who Wants To Be Silently Seductive












What is The Black Diamond Necklace All About?
When a woman wears a black diamond necklace, she is sending out a powerful message; one that radiates uniqueness, femininity, softness and a silent seduction. Although Black diamond necklaces are a relatively new fancy in the United States, they are fast catching on with women of refined taste.

A New Star is Born; The Black Diamond
The Black diamond gained popularity in 1996, when a Swiss jeweler – Fawaz Gruosi, designed an exquisite collection of jewelry crafted from Black diamonds, which became all the rage there. Various cultures and people have different ways in which they perceive Black diamonds. Indians believe that the Black Diamond is the “eye of Brahma”, who is the creator of the universe.

The Italians and The Black Diamond
During the medieval times, Italians used to believe the black diamond was a stone that had the power to fix failing marriages! If an Italian man or a woman had a fall out with their spouse, they believed all they needed to do to make things right was to purchase a black diamond and present it to their better half and voila!

All feelings of resentment, hatred or harshness vanished! Though it was a very expensive way of patching up, I guess it really is worth it sometimes!

This Gem is a Truly a Rarity
A black diamond necklace has all the luster and sparkle of a necklace crafted from traditional white diamonds. The edge the black diamond has over the traditional diamond is its rarity; they are hard to come by.

This scarcity also makes it the most expensive of all the varieties of diamonds. It goes without saying, since the black diamond is as rare as it is, it is a highly sought after gemstone!

Talk about rarity; were you aware that only one diamond out of every ten thousand diamonds is born with a natural color? Where does their glamorous birth color come from? Most of the gems that have natural color get their hue from chemical impurities or from defects present in the stone.

But the Black diamond is the exception; its amazing color emanates from tiny mineral inclusions in the stone. These inclusions are basically iron oxide particles of hematite and magnetite. Iron, in its natural form is also present. Put all of that scientific lingo together and you have a one of a kind naturally colored gemstone that will adorn your beauty as a

Look Who's Wearing The Black Diamond Necklace
I don’t mean to drop names but you should take note of the sultry women who wear Black Diamond Necklaces. Sarah Jessica Parker, the star of the ever popular HBO series and subsequent movie, Sex and the City, dons a trendy black diamond necklace to die for.

Olga Kurylenko, one of the newest 007 Bond Girls, travels the world sporting a lovely black diamond necklace. The Black Diamond Necklace has been featured in one of the latest Bond movies because it exudes a type of silent seduction that can only be compared to that feeling of falling in love for the first time.

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As you can see, choose this rare gem and you are in great company! The women who wear Black diamonds realize one thing; they are unmistakably beautiful and absolutely unique.

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