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Page: Bezel Set Diamond Necklace Enhances Your Natural Beauty

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Bezel Set Diamond Necklace Enhances Your Natural Beauty











Bezel Set Diamond Necklace Protects Your Precious Jewels
Just as a mother shrouds her child in a cocoon of warmth and care, the bezel setting protects the diamond in its covering from all harm and damage and makes your bezel set diamond necklace, truly beautiful for an eternity.

If you’re looking to buy a diamond necklace why not try the bezel set ones? They are classy, elegant and most importantly, they protect your diamond from all harm. Since diamonds are a huge investment, why not go all out and purchase bezel set ones to protect your precious diamonds from damage?

A Bezel Set Diamond Necklace Will Hide Flaws
There are numerous benefits to a bezel setting. Since, in the bezel setting, a band of metal, generally precious metal completely surrounds the diamond, it is well protected from damage such as chips.

The rim of the diamond is completely surrounded by the metal, which is pressed tightly onto the diamond to fix it securely. Moreover, the metal surrounding the diamond is a great way of concealing any flaws the diamond might have.

What You Should Know About Buying a Bezel Set Diamond Necklace
But, if you are buying a bezel set diamond necklace, you should know that the bezel setting also has some peculiarities, but they are more a matter of how you look at them. The metal surrounding the diamond, might, in some instances, take away from the beauty of the diamond because it may lend a tint of color to the diamond.

This is because, since the sides of the diamond aren’t exposed, less light can penetrate into the diamond. However, the good news is, this effect can be nullified if you use platinum or white gold or even silver as the metal.

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The other peculiarity is actually quite common in jewelry, even though bezel sets have their advantages in terms of protecting, sometimes, they can trap dust in the fine space between the ring of metal and the diamond itself, hence effectively trapping dust closer to the stone. Consequently, a bezel set diamond necklace does require a little more maintenance so to speak.

A Bezel Set Diamond Necklace Is Worth It!
But, bezel set diamonds are surely worth all the trouble because, if done properly this setting can enhance your natural beauty and give your outfits an even more exquisite, sleek and elegant look. So if you’re thinking twice about buying a bezel set diamond necklace, go ahead! You’ll be hopelessly in love with your decision.

 Author, Vicente Ross of