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Page: Hearts on Fire Diamond

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Hearts on Fire Diamond




If you haven’t heard of the Hearts on Fire Diamond, you’ve been missing out on one of the diamond trades most prized secrets. This exquisite line of diamonds has literally taken the fine jewelry world and diamond connoisseurs by a quiet storm. The history of these painstakingly hand crafted works of art, is the stuff dreams are made of and this dream has come true!

Who is a Hearts on Fire Diamond For?
It’s only for the most discriminating couples desiring the consummate gem to symbolize and express their heartfelt love. A Hearts on Fire Diamond is truly an exquisite choice that transcends description and definition. With one of the most elite standards of excellence in the industry, this exclusive gemstones make an extraordinary and remarkable diamond engagement ring.

The beauty and intensity of a Hearts On Fire Diamond is unequalled and once you wear one, you will never desire any other diamond. Here are some of the ways people attempt to describe a Hearts on Fire Diamond…

The Hearts on Fire Diamond Has High Standards Few Diamonds Can Meet

Of all the available diamonds from around the world, amazingly, less than one percent of the diamonds classified as jewelry quality are initially deemed suitable to become Hearts on Fire Diamond stones. Each finished stone must meet some fiercely stringent excellence standards. We’ve listed them below:


To meet these exacting standards, Hearts on Fire Diamond lapidaries don’t use the normal industry standard 10x magnification; instead, they work with 100x magnification both for shaping and cutting the stones and for inspection. The stone has to be thoroughly evaluated with this 100x intensity before it has a chance to be christened and then registered as a Hearts on Fire Diamond.


The Quality of a Hearts on Fire Diamond

Since its inception in 1996, the Hearts on Fire Diamond Company has consistently strived to create “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond.” Employing and adhering to rigorous quality standards, these specialized stones have become some of the most sought after gemstones in the jewelry industry.


Each gem is meticulously inspected by a trio of expert gemologists and graded by the one and only, American Gem Society; the only diamond grading laboratory to include cut standards as part of their evaluation.


The Hearts on Fire Diamond Is Made For You!

Not everyone can sell/market a Hearts on Fire Diamond; because of their exclusivity, these precious gems are only available at authorized diamond jewelry stores. You can search our website for a store near you. If you are looking online, they are only available from the official Hearts on Fire Diamond websites.

The Hearts on Fire Diamond Company offers a variety of quality guarantees and a limited number return options; to prevent any misconceptions, prior to purchasing such an exclusive custom cut stone, a couple would be wise to research their policies as well as the policies of the associated jeweler. A Hearts on Fire Diamond is the perfect choice to celebrate two hearts becoming one for an eternity.


Vicente Ross is a certified diamond buyer and appraiser who travels the globe seeking incredible deals on Diamond Engagement RingsBrilliant Cut Diamonds, Antique Diamond Engagement Rings, Unique Diamond Engagement Rings and other Fine Jewelry and shares his finds and expertise on his information packed website 

Source: Vicente Ross,