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Bridal Jewelry, Bridesmaid Jewelry,
Bridal and Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets
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Bridal Jewelry… What’s That?

Details, details, details, when is comes to marriage and planning the actual wedding day, there are enough details to make a woman’s heads spin east to north. You’ve got to choose the location, date and time, the maid of honor, the bridesmaids, the person officiating over the wedding, the reception, the honeymoon and the lists goes on and on… Now you know why men, for the most part, stay away from planning weddings. It’s more than you can shake a stick at.


One area that is coming up more and more is the issue of wearing Bridal Jewelry. So what exactly is bridal jewelry and who should wear it? Bridal Jewelry is fine jewelry, (precious metals and gemstones) designed specifically for members of the bridal party to wear during the wedding ceremony.


Why Wear Bridal Jewelry?

Here’s a trivia question for you worth 1000 points. In a woman's lifetime, what three days does she strive to look her very best? The answer is: (1) On her first date; she’s usually dressed to wow, woo and tantalize. (2) On her wedding day. And (3) On her honeymoon.


Having shared that, when it comes to the wedding ceremony, the truth is, most guests are more interested in what the bride is wearing and how she looks more so than anything else.


Since that’s where almost everyone’s primary focus will be, it makes good sense for every bride to insure that her wedding attire is a reflection of her inner and outer beauty. What better way to compliment her radiant charm than with specially chosen bridal jewelry? Remember the details? There is Bridal Jewelry is one detail that may seem insignificant but it is in fact, an integral part of a bride's wedding ensemble.


Who Wears Bridal Jewelry?

Bridal Jewelry traditionally makes a great gift choice for participants of any wedding party. That includes, your parents, maid (or matron) of honor, best man, flower girl, ring bearer, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and of course the betrothed; use your imagination. You are only limited by your budget, time and personal choices.


What Type of Bridal Jewelry Should You Choose?

There is broad selection of fine jewelry specially designed and available for this gala event. This includes but is not limited to: diamond earrings, diamond cufflinks, diamond solitaire necklaces, pearls, diamond tennis bracelets, watches and even money clips for the men.


Diamond Jewelry Is Expensive, What if Doesn’t Fit In My Budget?
No problem! You have other options that will give you the same effect. One option is to rent or lease your Bridal Jewelry. There are a few companies that can help you such as Adorn Bride. Just make sure that you place your order well in advance of your wedding day. Another option is using one of any of the man made diamonds, look-a-like diamonds or synthetic diamonds.


Your choices are endless, starting with Cubic Zirconia’s and going all the way to Swarovski crystals. Anyone of these options will provide you with the luminance an brilliance of diamonds but without the price tag.