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World Diamond Council and Conflict Diamonds










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The World Diamond Council came into existence in the summer of 2000. Representation in this organization includes those from the diamond industry, and from nations where the diamond trade makes a great economic impact on the economy of the country. Their goal was to resolve issues concerning 'conflict diamonds'. The World Diamond Council wished to stop conflict diamonds from entering the market. Conflict diamonds are those diamonds, that are mined in war zones and sold to finance insurgencies against duly elected and recognized governments, usually in central and western Africa. At the present time, conflict diamond only make up 1% or less of the diamonds marketed. Diamonds need to be certified, that they are not conflict diamonds. This is accomplished through the Kimberley Process Resolution.

Another name for conflict diamonds are blood diamonds. The World Diamond Council wants to keep blood diamonds off the market, while educating people about the positive benefits of diamonds. Some of these benefits resolve around the money the sale of diamonds produce, which contributes to education and health benefits for countries in Africa. Many more programs designed to help people are financed through diamonds. When the wealth from the legitimate diamonds are used wisely, people are helped. Diamonds can be a double-edged sword.

If conflict diamonds were not controlled, the money earned from their sale could buy millions of dollars of arms and would destabilize many governments. If the rebel groups cannot earn money from blood diamonds, unless a foreign government helps supply them with arms, less governments would be threatened and violence lessened.

Prior to the World Diamond Council taking action against conflict diamonds, any individual who could control the mining and sale of diamonds, would threaten legitimate governments. It took much public pressure before a World Diamond Council was formed and put their prestige behind the movement to certify diamonds. With the advent of the World Diamond Council, groups formed to stop the use of coffee for the same nefarious purposes as happened with diamonds. Petroleum can be used for funding rebel groups, the reason for repeated attacks on the Nigerian petroleum industry.

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