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Which Diamond Jewelry Store
Has The Best Brand?













The question, "Should I seek a specific Diamond Brand for my purchase?" has been asked and asked, again and again. If you’ve seen and heard most of the advertisements by the various jewelers, you'll notice something pretty amazing; way too many Diamond Jewelry Stores lay claim to having their own diamond brand that sets them apart from their competition.

 Do any of these stores have their own brand of diamonds?

  • Jared Diamond Jewelry Store
  • The Diamond Jewelry Store - C.M. Diamond
  • Shane Co. Diamond Jewelry Store
  • Zales America’s Diamond Jewelry Store

The answer is, NO!” The truth is, diamonds are one of the few products that simply cannot be "branded." When a Diamond Jewelry Store and its employees are operating in integrity and ethics, they will be the first to tell you; even though there are different cuts and shapes, different grades, and different values placed on each and every diamond in existence, no diamond is specific to any brand anymore than a jewelry store can brand gold.


How does a person or company brand gold? C’mon, how would you differentiate your 18 carat gold from my 18 carat gold? You get the point? Diamonds are the same; contrary to popular mis-belief, diamonds simply cannot be branded.


Why am I harping on this issue of branded diamonds? Because we hear from too many diamond buyers who over paid thinking they were getting specially valued branded diamonds from either a Diamond Jewelry Store retailer or a custom design jeweler and boy were they hood winked!


Some people will tell you that branding is actually based on who owns the diamond at that time. For example, following that logic, if Tommy's Jewelry Store or the Helzberg Diamond Jewelry Store owns the diamond, then it is supposedly their perspective brand. By now you and I know that, that’s nonsense.


The largest diamond dealer in the world, De Beers is smart enough to know that they can’t brand a diamond; not even with their internationally recognized name.


Even if a highly acclaimed and well-known diamond cutter such as Clarence “Whitey” Koop or Mr. Leo Wins cuts a diamond, it still cannot be branded by them as a Koop Diamond or a Win Diamond.


So basically, when it comes down to it, diamond brands mean absolutely nothing at all. Store brands mean something in terms of integrity, customer service, pricing and the authenticity of the diamonds.


Don’t make the costly mistake of allowing any jeweler, sales person or dealer to persuade you into paying an exorbitant price for a diamond because they claim it belongs to a specific brand of diamonds that are more expensive than regular diamonds.


This is a bit of trickery used by unscrupulous jewelers when they know that they are dealing with people who don't know much about diamonds. Remember that diamonds are not actually branded unless Mother Nature has her own brand!

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