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The Extraordinary Hearts on Fire Diamond
is Made For Love












Hearts on Fire diamonds are treasured by those who appreciate the finest in gemstones. This type of diamond is known for its round brilliant cut, with polished facets showing the stone’s exceptional qualities to the fullest advantage. When the stone is turned and viewed from the bottom angle, a vivid light pattern appears in a ring of eight hearts. The sparkling image gives the Hearts on Fire Diamond its illustrious name.

Hearts on Fire Diamonds are Cut With Precision
From the beginning to end stage of the refining process, exacting standards are maintained, starting with a selection of the highest-grade diamonds. Once the diamonds are chosen, the painstaking artistry of a master cutter will bring out the stone’s unsurpassed radiance. The Hearts on Fire Diamond is cut and polished at 100 times magnification, rather than the usual 10 times magnification used in the jewelry industry.

Experienced professionals are trained in cutting and polishing the diamonds so there is perfect proportion, symmetry, and maximum light performance at every angle. To achieve this artistry, a longer period of time is required in bringing the diamonds to completion. The latest computer technology and skilled craftsmanship are combined to ensure the finished product is one of the most spectacular diamonds available today.

Hearts on Fire Diamonds... a Name You Can Trust
The Hearts on Fire name is one that buyers can trust. Each diamond is inscribed with a microscopic serial number and comes with documentation of its identity. Upon examination, it is easy to see how each diamond is described as a perfectly cut stone.

Whether indoors or outdoors, a glittering play of light flashes across its surfaces. The buyer will find that the sparkle of a Hearts on Fire Diamond is unmatched. Hints of every color in the spectrum can be glimpsed in the stunning fireburst reflections.

A diamond is an investment and one that retains its value. When making such an important and exclusive purchase, the buyer will discuss clarity, color, cut, and carat weight with a reputable jeweler. The final decision will always be determined by the look of the diamond.

Hearts on Fire Diamonds... the Diamond of Choice
Time after time, the discerning owner of a Hearts on Fire diamond will say how the brilliance of the stone lives up to the Hearts on Fire reputation. Seeing the superb craftsmanship and beauty of a Hearts on Fire diamond will make an unforgettable impression. It is this moment of excitement that confirms for the buyer that the Hearts on Fire diamond is the diamond of choice.

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