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The 4 C's of Diamonds










Whoever coined the phrase, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” obviously couldn’t see into the 21st century. In this day and age, it is difficult to find someone, (male or female) who does not care much for diamonds. It has been known that diamonds seem to be a woman’s favorite gift, but these brilliant gems have gradually become a man’s preferred stone also!  

Buying a diamond is not as simple as most people presume it to be. Anyone who attempts to buy a diamond without having properly done their homework could easily subject himself or herself to over paying, fake diamonds, diamond buyer’s remorse and getting scammed.



To avoid these diamond buying disappointments, prior to purchasing any diamond you should brush up your knowledge of diamonds by learning the 4C’s of Diamonds. It should interest you to know that in the marketplace these days, there is more fake diamond jewelry than real ones and it is nearly impossible to differentiate one from the other.



What Are The 4 C’s of Diamonds and Why Are They So Important?

As I previously stated, they are some vitally important things you need to know before purchasing a diamond. In the industry we call them the 4 C’s of diamonds.


These four fundamental characteristics, (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight) determine the value of every diamond. By learning the 4 C’s of Diamonds, you can select your diamond based on the exact same criteria jewelers use to grade and evaluate diamonds.



The 4 C's of Diamonds



the cut explains the shape in which the stone is cut, the most common shapes are round, princess and the pear shapes.



Color describes the amount of color the diamond contains. This can range from colorless to yellow with slight tints of yellow, gray or brown. Colors can also range from intense yellow to brown, blue, green, pink and red. These fancy colors are rare and therefore more valuable.



Clarity, as the name suggests, refers to the flawless nature of the stones.



The carat is the weight or size of the diamond.


Without question or debate, the 4C’s of diamonds, (cut, color, clarity and carat) are the most important factors to use in determining the price of a diamond.


If someone is attempting to sell you a diamond that scores less on clarity because there are some visible spots in it, a savvy buyer will negotiate a better price; every jeweler knows this. The same principle applies to colors, carat and cut.

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