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Man Made Diamonds
The Myths Vs The Facts (Part 2)












Revolutionary New Process Creates Man Made Diamonds

Literally every six months to a year someone else creates, invents or revolutionizes a process to make another type of synthetic diamond. Once their product is released to the general public, a marketing campaign usually goes into overdrive. Some of these companies literally swear that their man made diamonds are actually no different than genuine naturally mined diamonds. Is what they are claiming a fact, myth or a bold-faced lie? You decide!


Here are some of their outrageous claims…


  • It costs the same amount of money to create man made diamonds as it does to mine, cut and certify natural diamonds.
  • Properly manufactured man made diamonds are in fact diamonds in every sense of the word.
  • Man made diamonds offer a myriad of advantages over the mined diamonds.
  • When you purchase man made diamonds, you can buy with confidence, knowing that you are not a victim of diamond pricing deceit.
  • Socially conscience individuals, who are concerned about the world around them, don’t purchase minded diamonds. Because they want to have a clear conscience, they purchase man made diamonds, knowing fully well that their funds are not used for terrorism or illegal activities.
  • Man made diamonds are chemically, physically and optically virtually identical to mined diamonds, but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Man made diamonds have the same durability and wearability of mined diamonds.
  • Man made diamonds have the same hardness, specific gravity, refractive index and dispersion factor as natural diamonds.
  • Like genuinely natural diamonds, man made diamonds are heirloom treasures to be passed down from one generation to the next.
  • Man made diamonds are polished using the same equipment and techniques as natural diamonds.
  • Man made diamonds have the same fire, sparkle, brilliance and scintillation as natural diamonds.
  • Man made diamonds are diamonds through and through, no one can dispute that.
  • Man made diamonds are virtually indistinguishable from the mined diamonds. In many cases, trained gemologist can’t tell the difference between the two unless they have special testing equipment.
  • Man made diamonds are no longer the diamond alternative; they are becoming the diamond of choice!

As you can plainly see, those behind the man made diamond marketing machine are determined to convince you and the rest of us that man made diamonds are replacing genuine diamonds. Nothing is further from the truth.


Here’s a quick test anyone can perform to determine the value of any man made diamond. Take a 1.5 carat man made diamond ring to a fine jewelry buyer and ask him or her to make you an offer. You can also take that same piece to a pawnshop and also ask them to make you an offer. If the above statements these people are making about man made diamonds are true, you’ll get offered the same money or close to it as a genuine naturally mined 1.5 carat diamond ring.



The fact is all professional jewelry buyers and pawnshop personnel will sneer at you for attempting to pass off a man made diamond as a real one. Why? Because for people in the diamond trade, man made diamonds have zero resale value. In other words, once you buy a man made diamond, you will have very few takers, if any at all who will purchase that piece from you. If they do, they will offer you peanuts.



Are man made diamonds the exact same thing naturally mined diamonds? Absolutely not! Are man made diamonds like naturally mined diamonds? In some ways, but is farmed salmon exactly like fresh wild salmon? Is cloned beef, like beef from naturally grown cows? You decide!

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