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The Jewelers Vigilance Committee is Here For Jewelers and Consumers










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The mission of the organization formed in 1917 is that it is, according to its own words, the jeweler’s guardian on ethics and integrity. The committee was formed to act as a self-regulating agency to oversee the selling of jewelry. Members take an oath to uphold the standards set forth by the agency.

As a member you are kept up to date on all laws that apply to the making, selling and advertising of jewelry. Another bonus to joining the committee is their services are available to you in case you are involved in a dispute as a jeweler with a consumer.

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee also has as it’s mission to protect honest jewelers from unethical practices that might be committed by those in the industry who are not complying with the committees standards on ethics and integrity. They can bring law enforcement in on those whom they have been checking or monitoring or bring a lawsuit against the perpetrator of unethical behavior.

Another facet of Jewelers Vigilance Committee is to educate their members on the law and what it can do to protect all of their members. The Jewelers Vigilance Committee offers its members recognition through decals which can be applied to their storefront and all members are listed on their website which is easily accessible to search engines by consumers searching for JVC compliant members.

Another plus in joining the JVC is that you can use their jeweler’s knowledge in validating precious metals and karats. The committee gives each member 5 free X-ray assessment of precious metals tests each year. Another benefit of joining the JVC is their free evaluation of your online website for compliance with the law.

The JVC is actively involved with government agencies to protect consumers and members from being exploited by unethical practices. In that way it improves relationships with government agencies for its members. The committee is actively involved with U.S. Customs, Attorney General’s offices and Consumers agencies like the Department of Consumer affairs and Better Business Bureau. As a monitoring agency, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee protects their members needs by becoming involved and making suggestions to agencies that make laws for which their members will be obligated to abide by.

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