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Hope Diamond
The World's Most Famous Blue Diamond




The Hope Diamond 

The Hope Diamond has emerged with two incredible distinctions; one absolutely irrefutable and the other is wroth with mystical legends and lore.


The First Distinction of The Hope Diamond

It is without question, the world's most famous diamond. The fancy blue diamond has captivated the eye of many with its naturally blue brilliance. Weighing in at 45.52 carats, its no small wonder; it a large one! If you want to see it, no problem; its on permanent display in the Smithsonian Institution, in Washington, DC.


The Second Distinction of The Hope Diamond

According to legend, a curse befell the large, Blue Diamond when it was stolen from an idol in India - a curse that foretold bad luck and death.


Since that time in history, the Hope Diamond has been said to be involved in numerous bizarre events, although none have been substantiated. But just for the sake of fun, we decided to back track these events in chronological order and share them with you.


  1. During the French Revolution in 1792, when Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette attempted to flee France, the French Blue (The Hope Diamond was formerly known as the French Blue) was stolen.
  2. Henry Philip Hope, from whom the famous Blue Diamond gets its name, subsequently purchased the gemstone. While in the possession of the wealthy Hope family, they were said to have went from riches to rags and the entire family died broke.
  3. A French broker by the name of Jacques Colot was said to have bought the famous Blue Diamond before becoming insane and committing suicide.
  4. A Russian/Eastern European prince, Ivan Kanitowsky, reportedly loaned/gave the Hope Diamond to an actress at the Folies Bergère, who was shot the first time she wore it.
  5. The prince himself was stabbed to death by revolutionaries, a rumored heist attempt
  6. A Greek jeweler who sold the Hope Diamond to the Sultan of Turkey was thrown over a cliff while riding in a car with his wife and child.
  7. The Hope diamond was eventually sold by Cartier's to Mrs. Evalyn Walsh McLean of Washington, D.C. and her troubles were said to have ensued.
    1. Her brother died young
    2. Her nine-year-old son was run over by a car and killed
    3. Her ex-husband drank heavily and died in a mental institution
    4. Her only daughter died of a drug overdose at age 25
    5. A year after her daughter’s death Mrs. McLean passed away 

Is The Famous Blue Diamond Really Cursed?
Absolutely not! This legend is akin to the curse of the Bambino cited as a reason for the failure of the Boston Red Sox baseball team to win the World Series.


But the real reason they never won is because they were a fair to terrible team all those years. Some researchers believe it was Pierre Cartier who fueled and popularized the story that the world famous Blue Diamond stone brought misfortune to its owners - and anyone who touched it.



Source: Vicente Ross,




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