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Brilliant Cut Diamonds - Should You Buy One?












There's Some Things You Need To Know About Brilliant Cut Diamonds
Like most people, you may have a multitude of questions regarding purchasing a luxurious diamond such as a brilliant cut diamond. To be upfront, brilliant cut diamonds are not cheap; therefore they are not suited for the casual jewelry buyer.

If you are seeking a cheap gemstone, bargain jewelry or second grade diamond, then you should know that brilliant cut diamonds fit in none of those categories or lists. These gems are one of a kind extraordinary!

Quick side note; if you desire a Brilliant Cut Diamond but don't want to pay an enormous price, you may want to look at the buy jewelry online route.

But I digress...

What Occassions Are Befitting of Brilliant Cut Diamonds?
The Brilliant Cut Diamond is for those truly special occasions such as an engagement ring, a wedding band, a tenth year wedding anniversary and as a graduation present.

There are other special moments. I’m sure you can come up with your own memorable moments. The important point to zero in on is this; brilliant cut diamonds are expensive for a reason and that’s what makes them uniquely suited solely for special occasions.

Uhm, The Price of These Gems Are Too High?
People who complain about the price of this luxurious precious gem, really don’t understand or appreciate the value of a piece of fine jewelry.

These exceptionally cut gemstones have a history of becoming family heirlooms that are past down from one generation to the next. Brilliant Cut Diamonds are expensive because of the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into cutting them amongst other things such as their carat and clarity.

Here's The Answer To The Big Question...
As to the question, “Should you buy a Brilliant Cut Diamond?” The answer depends on how impacting you want to be and if you want to leave a lasting impression.

If you are proposing, any one of the intricately cut Brilliant Cut Diamonds will do just that. If you want to surprise your wife on your tenth, twentieth or thirtieth wedding anniversary, once again, this gem is the perfect choice.

What Do Women Really Look For In a Diamond... Sparkle!
Honestly speaking, many women will be very disappointed if the ring you tender to them doesn’t sparkle. And in this case, no pun intended but size won’t matter; but sparkle will!

Simply put, a beautiful astonishing ring is programmed into women's psyche at a very early age. You’ve seen the Jared commercials and the various commercials prompted and inspired by DeBeers Diamonds. They all serve to subliminally convince women to crave the sparkle!

Will Your Diamond Make The Cut?
Unquestionably, the best diamond cuts to give you that sparkle are Brilliant Cut Diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) classifies diamond cuts into three basic categories. They are based on the arrangement and style type of the diamond's facets. The three cuts are: mixed cuts, step cuts and brilliant cuts.

Brilliant Cut Diamonds Makes The Cut
Of these cuts, Brilliant Cut Diamonds reign as the marquee attraction and for good reason. The facets on Brilliant cut diamonds are meticulously cut in the shape of kites and triangles. Yes, my friends, there is a lot that goes into these diamonds most people have no clue about unless they do their homework and research.

The facets radiate outwards and are positioned so that the light rays beaming into them are almost magically transformed into a dynamic eye catching sparkle that we in the jewelry business call and classify as brilliance.

These Diamonds Really Shine
If you are looking for a special gemstone that effortlessly sparkles and gives off an elegant aura, this is hands down the cut you are looking for.

These precious gems are widely available in a multitude of settings. They key is to do your homework prior to buying. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable jeweler who has a reputation for satisfying his or her customers. That being said, Brilliant Cut Diamonds are the perfect choice bar none!

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