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Our Promise
With the Diamond Experts, you have a friend in the diamond trade and fine jewelry business. We’re here to help you navigate through the pitfalls of buying diamonds and acquiring genuine fine jewelry. As you probably already know, the landscape of the diamond trade has changed tremendously in the past fifteen to twenty years. Currently on the market, there are more synthetic and man made diamonds that we can keep track of.

More and more people are getting deceived, scammed and burned by those selling diamond look-a-likes as the real thing. If you are in the market for fake diamonds, synthetic diamonds, treated diamonds or cultured diamonds and you understand clearly what you are buying, then we say, “More power to you!”

However, if you are in the market for genuine, naturally grown mined diamonds, you should not be duped into believing that a diamond look-a-like is no different than the real thing.

Our promise to you is simple; we’ll help you get the best deals possible on genuine diamonds and other natural gemstones and precious metals. We are an advocate for integrity in the diamond trade and to that end, we will do everything in our power to insure that your transactions meet or exceed your expectations. We will accomplish this by providing you with up to date information concerning diamonds and fine jewelry.

Our Mission Statement
To offer the highest level of expertise and professionalism for our worldwide readers in selecting the most beautiful diamonds and expertly crafted fine jewelry at exceptional value.

Vicente Ross
Vicente Ross is a diamond connoisseur who has turned his passion for diamonds, fine jewelry and precious metals into a thriving Internet Based Business. He travels the world acquiring information on diamonds, famous diamonds, loose diamonds, Black Diamonds, antique jewelry and other fine jewelry and shares his finds, opinions and expertise in his information packed website Where diamonds and fine jewelry is his only business.


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